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Ashley Haas

Owner of SeekingSitters Boulder and Fort Collins

Former SeekingSitters Members Become Local Owners

Ashley has been the owner of SeekingSitters Boulder and Fort Collins since 2012. She is a Colorado native and currently resides in Fort Collins with her husband Gary, two beautiful children, Miles (3 yrs) and Bailey (1 year), and her two dogs JoPaw and Kamba. While keeping busy being a mom, Ashley also loves to bake, read business books, spend time in the outdoors, and is a "greenie" at heart.

"As a mom, I know there is nothing more important than who looks after your children.  I take great pride in helping families find reliable and safe sitting solutions by hiring only the BEST sitters.  It's important to me that families feel that they can leave their worries at the door.  SeekingSitters is proud to provide a safe, reliable, and easy sitter solution that gives parents peace of mind."

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